What is Trucash


It is another source of income for our partners becasue the amount of this cryptocurrencyis limited and the need to obtain it is constantly growing. That means that the more the transactions, the more supply and demand increase and you could increase your profits by more than 4,000%.

The objective has been to build a cryptocurrency with real value, the triple ecosystem is based on a volume of operations.


Ecosystem Trucash


1- Within the system all the funds that are entered become trucash and when acquiring the package or requesting a withdrawal, an inverse conversion is automatically made according to the type of currency you request.

2- The exclusive payment system for merchants, users can buy or sell in the merchants associated with our payment network and in any associated cryptocurrency ATM in the world.

3- The hybrid Exchange (Forex-Cryptocurrencies-binary options) allows thousands of users to make exchanges at low cost paying fees with Trucash.

4- Other products such as Cryptocasino, Lotteria, sports betting, bingo and The leverage force of Marketing to promote trucash and establish the payment network in stores.

Technical Data


Trucash uses the latest technologies to process fast transfers, with a combination of CPU / GPU and POW / POS (proof of stake) logic efficiently at the right time.

TCH is an open source token based on the Libra blockchain (Facebook).

NAME: Trucash (TCH)

Total supply: 42,000,000


  1. Private Sale - 7% $ 0.10
  2. Private Sale - 5% $ 0.35
  3. Private Sale - 3% $ 0.75
  4. Private Sale - 5% $ 1


  1. Public Sale - 5% $ 1.5
  2. Public Sale - 5% $ 3

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