Taurus Capital is a program of online investment.

It was constituted by a group of entrepreneurs from 7 different industries which together add more than 50 years of experience.

Since 2001 they have worked in the different financial markets and are intimately linked with the development of important cryptocurrencies, projects based On blockchain and platforms exchanges.

In recent years they have dedicated themselves to make big investments in the development of trading bots and farms of Eco-Solar mining.

At the beginning of 2018, they decided assemble a team of experts in blockchain technology, crypto-mining, Trading, Cryptocurrencies, and Marketing Multilevel to create Taurus Capital, the largest and most ambitious project for attract small and medium investors.



We have a unique trading strategy that combines the guarantee of Crypto-mining with the best Traders in the world.

Because our servers are mining the most profitable cryptocurrencies on the market, we can obtain them between 10% and 30% below their price and market them with a guaranteed profitability 365 days a year.

While our traders receive a part of the profits obtained from mining to carry out the best operations and take advantage of market movements to gain both on the rise and the fall.

We are using new technologies to build a radically better financial system that enables us to support consistent profitability for our partners.


Being a respected corporation and positioning our products and services in different markets and industries so that each partner around the world benefits for 365 days and we grow our assets together.

Secondly, achieve the $ 70 million capitalizations in the first 2 years.

Thirdly, that our Taurus Education Academy certifies 1,000 new professional traders, Mining and Cryptocurrencies experts this 2020.



Create a community of 50,000 active members to launch the First Hybrid Exchange together with the own cryptocurrency TRUCASH


Create a community of 150,000 active members and launch the payment system (Fiat-Cryptocurrencies) for business along with the network of Crypto-ATMs that are already being placed worldwide.


Positioning and Consolidation of our services and products in the digital markets.

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